Presentation and Biography


Kate_Art Galerie was created in October 2020.

I am an Author, Artist, self-taught in the art of painting, in Freelance. I created a page named Kate_Art on social networks; "Facebook", "LinkedIn" and on the site for artists "Artmajeur" in 2018 with the aim of promoting myself as an artist to share my works.

The question I have often asked myself is whether my work would appeal.


My passion for drawing began at a very young age.

I started by copying pictures and drawing still life. Then I made portraits of my family members, animal portraits and buildings.

I like to use dry pastels for the creation of shadows and lights as well as for its great choice of bright colors.

Red lady in snowy forest is a work of Kate_Art Gallery presenting the woman in a pretty red dress going away in a snowy forest

Katarzyna Boduch

In love with acrylic paint, which I have been using for only 3 years. I started to paint with a brush, then with a knife... By practicing, I acquired different techniques and I discovered my own style in the search of the unknown. All the themes were jostled to be then transferred on my canvases...

Abstract, figurative art, landscapes, modern painting, contemporary art, Pop Art and others ...


I am a mother of two boys, who are the inspiration for my creations and also my first fans.

Nevertheless I never really stopped creating because I continued to dream of becoming an artist.

In 2018, when I decided to share my work I was pleasantly surprised. I had a lot of good feedback and encouragement from other artists especially on Kate_Art's "Artmajeur" or "Artquid" websites.

For the first time I participated in an exhibition of paintings and sculptures in Althen-des-Paluds. I noticed that my work was appreciated.


Professional Artist :

KATE ART inrengstrated since April 3, 2021  

Siret : 897 880 498 000 18


An Artist, said to me:

"It is a richness to be able to create with different themes, techniques and tools. You must not limit yourself because it makes you progress and assert yourself as an artist in order to find your own style.

I decided to devote myself to art in a professional way, in my own right, and to create my website Kate_Art Galerie in order to sell my works. Seeing my paintings decorate different interiors makes me happy.

I am inspired by my experience

First of all, I am inspired by my life, my experiences to make my works lively, original and unique. I give my good mood as well as my love in the creation and my new experiences in painting.

However, I am fascinated by nature and in love with France but especially with the South. I admire its beautiful seascapes: the calanques, the Mediterranean sea, the cities full of architectural wealth and the beautiful mountain landscapes of Vaucluse, such as the Mont Ventoux or the Dentelles, without forgetting the pretty fields of lavender and sunflowers. France is my country of heart. I had the chance to visit and live in different regions and had the opportunity to know well the capital but also other cities like Lyon, Strasbourg or Marseille. My last destination is the south of France, in the heart of the splendid Provence.

"I always do what I can't do to learn how to do it".

Searching means nothing in painting. What counts is finding

 Pablo Picasso